Commitment to accessibility

Harmony House is pleased to offer accessibility and provides our residents with full support to help them transition from the House into the community. Our housing support worker assists with all stages of the process, from filling out a housing application to organizing their move. We are also proud that thanks to recent renovations, we have a fully accessible unit available for women with disabilities. Harmony House has developed a support group manual for women with disabilities who are fleeing/have experienced abuse. With the consultation of women with disabilities in our community, we have also created an attitudinal manual for services providers on how to better work with women with disabilities. Harmony House sits on the Connecting on Disability and Abuse (CODA) committee through the Ottawa Crime Prevention initiative. The committee aims to:

  • create awareness around abuse of people with disabilities;
  • provide training to service providers;
  • research the gaps in services for women with disabilities who have or are experiencing abuse;
  • develop inclusive/accessible services to people with disabilities fleeing abuse in our communities.

Many other programs and services are available.