Emergency Help

In an emergency, dial 911

In an emergency, please dial 911

Ontario Assaulted Women’s Helpline Toll Free 1-866-863-0511 or Toll Free TTY 1-866-863-7868

Sexual Assault Support Centre 613-234-2266 or TTY: 613-725-1657

Ottawa Rape Crisis Centre 613-562-2333 or TTY: 613-562-3860

Fem’aide Crisis Line 1-877-336-2433 ATS 1-866-860-7082

Ottawa Distress Centre: 613-238-1089

Kids Help Line 1-800-668-6868

Shelter Safe  http://www.sheltersafe.ca/

Chrysalis House: 613-591-5901

Interval House of Ottawa: 613-234-5181

Nelson House: 613-225-3129

Maison D’Amitie (French speaking women given priority): 613-747-0020 & 613-744-7789

La Presence (French speaking women given priority): 613-241-8297

Oshki Kizis Lodge (Indigenous women given priority): 613-789-1141

Cornerstone Women’s Shelter: 613-237-4669

Youth Services Bureau of Ottawa: 613-260-2360

Carling Family Shelter/ Forward Family Shelter: call 311 for referral

Lanark Interval House (Carleton Place): 613-257-5960

Naomi’s Centre (Winchester): 613-774-2838

Leeds-Grenville Interval (Brockville): 1-800-267-4409

Maison Interlude (Hawkesbury): 1-800-267-4101

Baldwin House (Cornwall): 1-800-267-1744

Akwesasne Centre (Cornwall): 1-800-480-4208

Bernadette McCann (Pembroke): 1-800-267-4930

Residents of Quebec should contact SOS violence conjugale at 1-800-363-9010 (24 hr crisis line) to obtain information regarding VAW resources in Quebec

Women’s Drop in Centers

The Well: 613-594-8861 154 Somerset St W

St, Joe’s: 613-231-6722 151 Laurier Ave E

Legal Aid: 1-800-668-8258

Community Legal Aid: 613-241-7008

University of Ottawa, Legal Clinic: 613-562-5600

Family Law Information Center: 613-239-1274

Connecting Ottawa: 613-744-2892 x1063

Community Legal Education Ontario http://www.cleo.on.ca/en

Your Legal Rights http://yourlegalrights.on.ca

Somerset West CHC: 613-238-8210 (Eccles Branch) or 613-688-1177 (Rosemount Branch)

Western Ottawa CRC: 613-591-3686

Eastern Ottawa CRC: 613-741-6025

Pinecrest Queensway CHC: 613-820-4922

Carlington CHC: 613-722-4000

Nepean Rideau Osgoode CRC: 613-596-5626

Rideau-Rockliffe CRC: 613-745-0073

Sandy Hill CHC: 613-789-1500

South-East Ottawa CHC: 613-737-5115

Centretown CHC: 613-233-4697

Lowertown CRC: 613-789-3930

Orléans-Cumberland CRC: 613-830-4357

Vanier CSC: 613-744-2892

Family Services: 613-725-3601 TTY: 613-725-6175

City of Ottawa: 311

Community Information Center: 211

At Harmony House, we advocate for women. Speak out against violence against women. Here are some ideas to advocate:

  • Talk to your municipal, provincial, and federal politicians about what they will do to end violence against women. Let them know that this is important to you.
  • Write letters to the editor about issues related to womens’ equality and violence against women.
  • Talk to your friends and family about these issues.
  • Take a stand. Vocalize it.
  • Support your local women’s shelter, sexual assault support center, and rape crisis centre.
  • We would love to have your help putting us out of business because we are no longer needed.

And share these special public service announcements (PSA) with your family and friends. Ed Broadbent, David Suzuki, Senator Vern White, Chris Philips, Alex Munter, and other prominent Canadian men participated in this project to speak out against violence towards women.

► Harmony House PSA 1

► Harmony House PSA 2

► Harmony House PSA 3


Canadian Women’s Foundation  www.canadianwomen.org

Status of Women Canada  www.swc-cfc.gc.ca

Ottawa Coalition to End Violence against Women www.octevaw-cocvff.ca

City of All Women Initiative www.cawi-ivtf.org

Women’s Initiative for Safer Environments www.wiseottawa.ca

White Ribbon Campaign www.whiteribbon.ca

Canadian Women’s Health Network www.cwhn.ca

National Association of Women and Law www.nawl.ca

Ontario Women’s Justice Network www.owjn.org

UN Women www.unwomen.org

Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women www.criaw-icref.ca

Ontario Association on Interval and Transition Houses www.oaith.ca

Native Women’s Association of Canada www.nwac.ca

National Council of Women of Canada www.ncwcanada.com

Ottawa Muslim Women’s Organization www.muslimlink.ca

Pauktuutit Inuit Women of Canada www.pauktuutit.ca

Kind www.kindspace.ca