Mission and vision



Providing safe, supportive transitional housing while empowering survivors of violence as they rebuild their lives.


A world where all communities and families are safe, valued and free from all forms of violence and oppression.


    At Harmony House, we recognize that staff and board members live out their values in ways that are shaped by their experiences and identities. As such, we understand that shared values do not always lead to shared conclusions about how we should practice. Nonetheless, our vision requires a set of shared commitments. Grounded in a spirit of ongoing learning, we agree to hold each other and ourselves accountable to the following values:

    Feminism – We promote achievement of equity and equality across all genders.

    Anti-oppression – We work to address systemic inequalities that manifest in the individual, group and institutional levels.

    Safety – We stand for freedom from violence in any form, and for everyone to feel secure in their own environment without fear.

    Lived-experience Leadership – We encourage those with lived experience – who are experts in their own stories – to have input into decisions within Harmony House at board, staff, volunteer and advisory levels.

    Empowerment – We support living with choices and purpose, setting and enforcing healthy boundaries, having self-respect and being able to understand and meet one’s own needs.


    We are committed to

    • Providing services based on the direction and input of the women and children that we serve;
    • Breaking down the barriers that prevent women from accessing the support and assistance they need;
    • Creating an atmosphere that is safe, welcoming, and respectful of differences in value systems and lifestyles;
    • Actively promoting inclusivity and diversity in every aspect of our community.

    Harmony House is the only second-stage women's shelter in Ottawa.

    For 30 years, we have provided safe and affordable transitional housing for women and children who are survivors of domestic violence.

    We rely on donations of money, items, and services to provide for the many needs of our residents.

    Many of our programs and services are available to former residents.