YOUR safety is OUR priority! Whether you need a friendly person to chat with, some advice on safety planning or you are ready to live independently in the community – we are here to help you every step of the way! The 1st step is getting you SAFE! If you have made the decision to leave, call us to help. We have a safe place to meet to discuss how you can safely exit your situation, what documents and things you should prepare and can provide clean technology to ensure you can’t be tracked!

Need Help? Come visit us at our NEW Outreach office located on Preston St.
For details and address, please call (613-608-1499) or email (outreach@harmonyhousews.com) us.

Our Outreach program:

  • Works to ensure residents of Harmony House are assisted in the transition back into the community after leaving the shelter by providing information, practical assistance, and supportive counselling as well as by facilitating skill development groups and providing advocacy with the various systems women may encounter in re-establishing lives free of violence;
  • To explore how having on-site support available to women coping with addictions may assist women to free themselves from violent situations.
  • Time permitting, works to support women from the community that are at risk from violent situations, that reach out for support.

As part of this program, we offer:

  • To connect with ex-residents before they move into a new community and providing them with community resources as needed;
  • Support to ex-residents through advocacy, safety planning, and resource referrals, as needed;
  • Support groups for residents and ex-residents, as well as women from the community that reach out for support when available;
  • Written documentation such as, but not limited to, letters of advocacy for ex-residents and agencies when required;
  • Assistance in developing and liaising with a network of community partners from which we can draw and provide support;
  • Public education activities and committee meetings on behalf of Harmony House;
  • Up-to-date knowledge of AODA requirements, and research on “best models” and accessibility issues;
  • To attend court as support for women as needed.
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Harmony House has amazing staff and the BEST food bank in Canada! I liked the rules because they kept me safe as well. I am so thankful for this place.
– Suki

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