Harmony House partners with Riviera and e18hteen for Foodie Fundraiser

Over the past few days, Harmony House has been questioned privately and publicly about the involvement of Riviera restaurant in our upcoming fundraiser. The organization wishes to clarify any misinformation that may be circulating as a result of public questioning.

The Board of Directors supports the decision to collaborate with Chef Jordan Holley from Riviera for our Annual Red and White Foodie Fundraiser. Before a decision was made, it was brought to our attention that there were issues with one of the chefs (Chef Carmichael) back in 2017. More specifically, that particular chef admitted to sexual harassment of restaurant staff.  Carmichael has not been a part of the staff since the admissions in 2017 and is not involved in our event.

Harmony House is committed to ending all forms of violence and oppression against women. Before finalizing our partnership with Riviera, the organization worked closely with Ms. Melissa McMahon, Events Coordinator for Riviera, to confirm that positive changes have taken place to ensure a safe workplace for the 70 plus staff at the restaurant. We are pleased to say that Riviera is currently lead by General Manager, Ms. Sarah Wenglensky-Suggitt and the restaurant promotes diversity and inclusivity across its staffing.

Harmony House always welcomes applications from Ottawa area Chefs for future events. We are pleased to have worked with chefs all of genders, including celebrity Chef Lynn Crawford in 2007!

We hope that you will join us on February 27th for what is sure to be a fun and positive event.